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Provide free actionable advice. This is our commitment to our nationwide member base. Redemption & Release provides free advice and valuable industry insights to help you better understand the complexities of timeshare ownership. These “hints” can drastically improve the quality of your timeshare experience. We go the extra mile to provide free timeshare help articles and educational resources combined with a “consumers first” advocacy policy. Why do we do this? Simply put, because not everyone needs our services. If you can still get significant value from your timeshare, then you do not need to liquidate it quite yet. 

If your situation still demands using the expertise of our office, or if you would just prefer us to handle all your Timeshare Redemption® needs, simply fill out the form here. One of our experienced specialists will help answer any questions you may have about our Timeshare Redemption® program and ensure that you SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by choosing the right timeshare exit strategy for your particular situation. 

Free Timeshare Help ArticlesWe take great pride in knowing that our website has provided over 10,000 households throughout North America with valuable free timeshare help articles filled with tips and tricks that others charge thousands of dollars for. We believe that by educating our clients and treating them with respect and professionalism they will consider using our services if they still aren’t able to reach timeshare freedom on their own.
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As a service to those who may be eligible for timeshare cancellation under the laws of their states, Redemption and Release has compiled a collection of informative articles to help you in your quest to get out of a timeshare contract. Should you find that you are NOT eligible for timeshare cancellation, contact us for your own FREE consultation. We can help you quickly and easily redeem your timeshare property and achieve timeshare freedom!

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We don’t just cancel your timeshare – we redeem it.

It’s a simple and painless process, and the only true way to get rid of timeshare.

We are the premiere Timeshare Redemption company in the industry that offers no-haggle, low cost timeshare exit solution.

We provide an inexpensive way to get out of a timeshare –


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We don’t just cancel your timeshare – we redeem it.

It’s a simple and inexpensive process, and the best way to get rid of a timeshare.

Redemption and Release, LLC is the nations premiere Timeshare Redemption company because we offer a no-haggle, low cost, and twice guaranteed timeshare exit solution.

We provide an inexpensive way to get out of a timeshare.

Redemption and Release, LLC is NOT a timeshare rental or resale company. We only offer one core service for our valued clients, successful Timeshare Redemption.